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13 books/series that stood out to me in 2013.

    If you guys didn't know already I like to read, and I live to write. Which as i look over my blog i find it very strange that I haven't made a post talking about books. Not just any 'ole books, but my top ten novels, and top three series! Well, if I wasn't such a nerd I'd be able to limit myself to only three series and ten novels, but I already know that's not going to happen. So please don't judge me when I list 20 books out of probably the 100+ books I've read last year.

  If you don't like to read and your already bored to death, go ahead and leave.. . OR catch up on my other 61 blog posts.

Without Further Ado, let me tackle this list!

by Gabrielle Zevin
5 stars ***** , Beautiful novel taking a peaceful twist on the afterlife.
This book will forever be my all-time favorite.

The Grey Wolves Series
by Quinn Loftis

5 stars *****, Picture Twilight minus vampires, but hot brooding Canis Lupis (Werewolves). Minus Bella and her drab personality, to 21st century quirky  teenagers Jen, Jacque, and Sally, bestfriends that should learn how to stay out of trouble and keep their yaps shut.
The Memory of You
by Laurie Kellog
5 ***** , This story is perfect. Thomas Foster gone fighting in vietnam for six years, gets held captive and forgets all his memories besides her name " Abbie. " His wife, the blonde haired woman who beared his child but believes him to be dead as he was declared.  . . . and the story goes on for them to live Happy Ever After, sappy just like I like it.

by Beverly Preston
***** , " Not yet, Tess." This is a mature book, containing yes mature content. But it is not just another sleazy disgustingly sexy novel, this one is beautiful. Two people coming to love eachother physically, and mentally. One of my favorites. . . . AND I JUST REALIZED THIS BOOK IS A SERIES! * SQUEAL*

by Melissa Marr
**** A 17 year old girl,Aislnn, is forced into the world of Fae, the Summer court to be exact, and know she's their new Queen.
by Veronica Roth

Those three books are one of the few ( who, am I kidding. Every novel causes me some sort of emotional distress. ) But the feeling in my chest I'm getting from just looking at the covers of these books!
I can't wait until the movie comes out!
Ok, I'm done fan-girling sorry . . .
BUT TRIS AND FOUR! Did you see who's casted as them. ZINGAR!
By Rick Riordan

*****, I'm glad Percy Jackson isn't over! We get another series with Percy, the Greek Gang . . .
And now some intriguing Romans.

by Suzanne Collins
5 STARS! From my fan-girl nature from reviewing Divergent, let's just not even go into how beautiful these three books are.
Star-crossed Series
by Rachel Higginson
**** Great Series, wonderful plot wonderful aspects in these stories that influences my up-coming novel

by  J.A Redmerski
5 stars, to this cheesy yet sweet werewolf trilogy
Celestra Series
by Addison Moore
****, I didn't even finish this series, hopefully I will sometime this year. I got up to book 5, and probably didn't by anymore because it was taking a big chunk of my allowance. Haha, it's still an amazing story , love-triangle, and a somewhat annoying female M.C
There was a couple more books, that could fit this list. but they aern't my top-top favorites, and I read them year 2012, not '13

It took a lot of self-restraint to not write paragraphs summarizing the beauty of the books I've just listed. But, I think I did pretty well summarizing with one sentence . . . Or one word. :)
Have you read any of the books I listed? Any to recommend , besides 'The fault in our stars' a book I plan on reading sometime this year.

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