Sunday, February 2, 2014

Is SCREAMO evil?

I've started listening to deathcore,heavy metal, screamo music, and I love it. If anyone is curious as to what that genre really is, well it's screaming.

Yeah, go ahead and cringe.

I never thought I'd start listening to that genre of music either.

But, I like it. I love that someone is able to yell for me. Yell in anguish, because they're overwhelmed with negative feelings like depression,suicidal thoughts, anger, loneliness . . 
I like having a distraction, I like being able to rid the world, to be forced to think of nothing but ' what the hell is he saying' when a band's screaming in my ears. Something about me is, I need distractions. I can never face my problems, my fears so I mask them with music. From 2012-early 2013, I obsessed over One Direction everything that was their lives so I wouldn't have to think of my cousin's death. Instead of seeing her face, or hearing the news of her passing everytime I blinked, I saw One Direction's face. But they're distractions started to wear off because One Direction was no longer a distraction or a mask of my pain, because One Distraction sort of became who I was 'yay'
Mainly, I like the sense of not being alone. I love having someone able to construe my emotions in song lyrics that I can listen to on repeat.

But I'm Christian.
My mother  is christian
And she banded me from my favorite band, of deathcore.

She told me the band was satanic, that the genre wasn't healthy for a 13 year old girl. That this genre will encourage suicide, and drug abuse. Then she finished off with telling me I'm band from listening to this band ( I'm obviously not doing that as, one of their songs are blasting in my ear as I write)
My mom wasn't the only ones disagreeing with my music taste, my friends give me strange looks, and my cousin called this music crazy. As well as cutting . . . and for the sake that perhaps someone dear to me might read this . .  I'm going to just drop the personals.

I've just been thinking is Deathcore,Screamo, music that's looked down apon . .that as a christian I shouldn't be listening to? I should say that the music I listen to, doesn't sing  scream any blaspemy. But . . . I suppose I should actually research now.

Now,these are the amazing answers I found :)

  • 'The important thing to realize is that listening to a certain type of music won't condemn you, nor will NOT listening to certain types of music save you. Christianity isn't about a list of rules, it's about a relationship. It's about admitting that we can't do it on our own and seeking an intimate relationship with Jesus. Many Christians feel that certain music gets in the way of their relationship with God, so they try not to listen to it. Other Christians feel that God has asked them to give up listening to certain music and it's necessary for them to obey (disobedience will ruin the relationship). 

    But, some Christians never feel like music gets in the way, some aren't convicted of it yet but eventually as they mature in their relationship God will convict them of it. Some Christians aren't really in a deep relationship and aren't actively pursuing it and are what Jesus called "lukewarm". They don't feel music makes any difference, which it doesn't because they aren't close enough to Jesus to tell. 

    For me, I'm careful of what I listen to, but I can listen to secular music usually for a while without it bothering me (I don't pick up on lyrics anyway, it's strictly a right-brained experience for me) but eventually it will start affecting me and I'll turn it off or switch it to a Christian station. Certain music, though, I can't ever listen to because it weighs heavily on me.'

  • 'As people who have been saved by grace, we have a lot of freedom. We are free to choose what we watch and what we listen to. However, it is important to know what we are consuming and how it affects us. If the lyrics of songs are persuading you to a worldview that is not in line with Christianity, then you should consider not listening to it. If the style of music produces thoughts and emotions inside you that are not consistent with the Christian life, then stop listening to it. Just because something calls itself Christian, doesn’t mean it will be edifying to all believers. That’s where you need the Holy Spirit to help you make a wise decision.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to heavy metal music, but all music.'

'I love metal. However, i have also been suffering psycological depression. I think my depression assisted my love of metal rather than the other way round, but it didnt really help either.
It was nice to know there were other… See more people who where thinking about the world the same way I was and feeling the same way i did, and having your emotional state played back to you in audible form is a really cool experience, but at the same time at no point did these artists go ‘hey, we’re feeling angry and frustrated and sad, lets do something about it’. Now, at that time I didnt think there was anything wrong with my mental state, i just thought life sucked. When someone figured it out and told me I was depressed, i didnt beleive them until i compared how i was thinking to the beyond blue checklist thing.
I heard one of the singers from good charlotte (not metal, but in a similar mental space) say that goiing to concerts and talking to other people who felt isolated and alone was great, and like going to a group therapy session (this i beleive was related to their song “black parade)
to a certain extent, heavy metal provided this for me. I felt, to a poiint, validated in what I felt and less alone, but at the same time nor was I getting better. I was wallowing in my depression rather than fixing it.
I’ve been going to a therapist for a while and feeling much better, and I still love metal. But I am also balancing it out with more positive music as well, which i can relate to better now I’m feeling more positive. Musics greatness comes from its emotional roots, but its important to be aware that anything you consume can become part of you.
I see metal as anything good really, its only good if consumed at the right time and in appropriate quantities.'
  • 'Opinion 1
    For exactly the same reasons anyone listens to any other sort of music, they like it. 

    Opinion 2 People listen to heavy metal because they are A. goth B. emo C. People with no friends D. People with no lives and who are depressed all the time for no real reason at all. Sometimes there is. But like many humans do they GET OVER IT! So...please do not listen to that overplayed pre-satanic, balistic, evil, stupid, and un rythymatic music. And for your answer, they listen to it because they have no real sense of music. Metal is not music. Its screetching guitar and screams of people with bad backgrounds. Jazz and r&b is music. It has life, rythym, a beat, and soul.

    Opinion 3 Agreed Jazz and R&B is good music... but Metal had it's roots from Jazz and Blues... so even Metal has "life, rhythm, a beat and soul"! 
    - The guitar is not "screeching", it's distortion... 
    - "Screams of people with bad backgrounds"? are u saying that only people with good backgrounds can be good musicians? If I recall Michael Jackson had one of the worst childhoods in history... he went on to become a legend... 
    - There are different sub-genres even in Metal... "screams" usually occur in the extreme forms of metal. 

    Opinion 4 People listen to Metal because it's their choice. Usually Metalheads open up to other metalheads because their ideas, no matter how crazy, are almost always accepted by fellow metalheads. 
    Metal is a way to release one's anger and frustration without actually harming anyone. 
    In my opinion Heavy Metal is one of the greatest genres in the music industry. 
    It talks about corrupt politicians, politics, third world countries and how they are exploited, the way people actually feel, anger, frustration, love, lust, violence, religion, and even death... in great detail! 

    Opinion 5
    I listen to Heavy Metal, and if you saw me you wouldn't think that I'm an emo, goth or any of those things, I believe that you shouldn't say a music is "not music" just because you don't like it, we all have our own tastes in music and that's the way it should be. "So please do not listen to that overplayed pre-satanic, balistic, evil, stupid, and un rythymatic music"what right do you have to say that? and it's not stupid, or evil or in fact any of those things, please think before you type and open up to other types of music. My dad taught me it's not right to say a music type is bad just because you don't like it, all you have to do is not listen to it. 

    Opinion 6
    I have a life, and I'm not goth or emo. I love any kind of music, and this includes: HEAVY METAL AND SCREAMO! 

    Opinion 7
    Personally I'm one of those people who listen to metal and metal only. I don't listen to most other music and I'm not satanic, crazy or have no friends. I go to a Catholic school and believe in god and stuff. Actually I got into this music because of a friend who also went to my school. I also listen to it because I don't feel like being one of the millions of white kids who listen to rap and pop just because its popular. I listen to it because I like it. 

    Opinion 8
    I love heavy metal and also believe in God and stuff! Actually it was my CHRISTIAN uncle and cousin who introduced me to it. They listen to because they LIKE it. I know I do.

    Opinion 9
    People listen to the music that they can associate with in some way, whether it be with the lyrics or the actual music itself. Not all goths listen to metal, that's a fallacy. And depressed people do not just get over it. Talk to a psychologist and find out how people are affected by depression before making that assumption.'
- wikianswers

Nice research, am I right? I think I'm just going to try to balance everything, not just metal music, but some positive stuff too so I'm not always in a depressing rut.

Smiley Face,


  1. I personally am not a fan of Screamo, but that's only because it's just not me. I don't think Screamo is or can be catagorized as satanic. I mean there are pop songs and rap songs and country music: look at those genres. All they talk about is sex and drugs and money. Sometimes there are good songs that come out of the genres, but in the music world today, I think if your mom can say that screamo is satanic, then she should be banning you from all music except for gospel songs and hymns.

    Personally, I love alternative stuff. Despite the fact that these songs can have bad words in them, sometimes they have a truth to them. Sometimes I just like the beat. I think a song is what the person makes it, and how emotionally invested you are in a certain song is not the song genre's fault. So what I say to you is keep on listening to screamo if you want to. I don't see any problem in it. (:

    1. Thanks for reading Magpie, and I like what you say :)
      I'm going to keep listening to it, but as I think I said, I'm finding a nice balance.


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