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  After long anticipation, its finally here! Woop! Woop! And the crowd goes wild! Hello, Ony here :) So, this tab is made just for me ", and just for you. You, the person with the eyes :) Here I answer questions that you can either send in via email (  , chatbox (the side of my blog) or in the comments down below here! Sometimes, Ill just ask you guys questions, advice on my problems, because "Hey, I'm not perfect!" So without further ado, join me :)
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Hello, Onyees! I'm finally doing an Ask Ony! It didnt really turn out the way I wished , but when does that ever happen to anyone? I didn't get a load of questions :( , but i did get one from Alex! Isn't that amazing when you have a great blogger friend like that? So i decided to just make an entire in-depth post helping her out :)

First kisses :) Well, my first kiss was playing truth or dare, so it wasn't that amazing! But, here's some advice that I would personally take, if I was certain to be smooched some time that day -

    Hygiene -

I know this should go without speaking, but seriously think of it, like this. There will be a boy, an very attractive boy (I hope he's attractive ;) ) who's going to be all up in your space. I know we're only talking about a kiss, not a full know. So this usually lasts a few seconds, but make it perfect! Don't expext disney fireworks, but
Brush your teeth - Minty fresh is always nice
Wash your face -   I'm not saying you'll be abke to instantly rid your face for flaws, just keep in mind if he opens his eyes, it's like a magnifying glass
A sprits of perfume is always wonderful also!

    Relax -

I cant emphasive on this enough! Take a few deep breaths and if your confident of your appearance the rest of you will get the memo . I'm pretty sure you dont want an awkward nose butting kiss (oh, yea tilt tour head to the side! Only a little !)
This will all be a blissful blur and i know if a give you a full blown list of do'sand dont's it'll only freak you out more!

I believe in you!

Smiley Face,

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  Hello, Onyees! It's time for Ask Ony #2  ( as the title says…) and I'm really excited that you guys enjoyed it enough to want another post. Wohooo! So, I hoping this will become a regular thing on my blog if so it'll be Ask Ony Wednesday's, so I'll have a post up for my blog, and for J.o.a.l.l.a.p (Ifyou dont know what J.o.a.l.l.a.p is, it's my collaboration blog including me, and six other bloggers like Alex,Phoebs,Leah,Aveen,Lemmie, and Jamie!

So allow me to answer your questions!

  'Hi, I'm Ingrid and I need hell. My bestfriend has a crush on a guy that I also have a crush on. We're both cool with it, but then I found out that my crush likes my best friend. I am feeling really jealous of her at the moment. I dont know what to do. HELP!"

  A boy showing feelings for your best friend instead of you, sucks! I know this because, this was literally the highlight of my school year -last year. It sucks :/ But you asked for advice, not a pity party Here's it goes!


trying! I know this is something really, really hard to do, but I honestly wished I took my own advice and just stopped. It wouldve saved a lot of time of my curling my hair (repeatedly) wearing heels (Ugh, every single day repeatedly) dressing up (the cutest tops, cutest jeans) and loads of heartbreak! Because it didnt matter what I did, in the end he simply wasnt interested.
 If you're like me, you're most likely thinking right about know, "No, I just have to get him to recognize me, and then! And then, he'll totally love me !" No, You're best friends, you two are always together. Tough Love, he had a million and one chances to recognize you everytime you simled at him, waved, giggled but he chose to be attentive towards her not you - wow, this is a huge break for myself...I never knew i felt that way! I'm trying not to be harsh, so sorry if thats the way it came off as!


talk to your best friend! You two are best friend's for a reason open up your guts tell hee how you feel. Or if you dont want to feel embarrass ed about having that talk you could try to be nonchalant ask her what she plans on doing now that her crush has shown interest in her. Does she plan on building that mutual interest into a relationship or simply leaving it as it is? Because if they're going to become a couple, I personally believe that violates the unofficially official girl code! That will make you feel awkward, hurt and that will damage your relationship, but you cant tell your friend she's "Not allowed" to date him, no matter your friendshup your not her Mom. You could suggest. Tell her, that you still like him. Or bring it up somehow , how you feel. If she loves you, she'll understand, but remember if it was the other way around wouldnt you want your bestfriend to jump up and down and scream with you!? Hopefully that makes sense!


on! This goes with the first one, but come on we're females we arent going to instantly put our feeling in a box, go blind and walk away! No, no, no Your feelings will most likely be there for a very long time, depending how deeply invested in thia crush of yours. But nevertheless, force yourself to crush on someone else. Give yourself a distraction, if the guys are too gross, and smelly :) then fangirl about celebrities! Who needs that guy, when you could spend your time staring at pictures of that! ~~~~~~~~~~~> 

I really hope I answered your question, Ingrid, and helped you out :) So If anyone would like me to give advice answer any of their questions for next week, make sure you either email it to me at , leave it in my chat box, or simply leave it in the comments! Aslo make sure you're following so you'll be aware of any new post s, if you want :)

Smiley Face,

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