Saturday, June 29, 2013

Remedies for the sweet tooth in under 5 minutes

Okay, let me start off  by saying none of these ideas are mine. I'm just a lame google sucker ( Google Addict) So ofcourse me being, Ony, a very professional D.I.Y gurl, a Google Addict, and a chocoholic, I get a sweet tooth all the time. ALL THE TIME, and no body has time for baking. Well, I don't, so i stumbled across a website on how to make loads of microwaveable goods, to soothe that sweet tooth.
 My favorite ,(lol, The only one I tried ) is how to make a brownie in a mug. I changed the ingredients a bit to accommodate what i have in my cabinets. YOU WILL NEED

- Sugar, how much you put is how much your craving sugar (Measurements bore me )
- Hot Cocoa Mix , Just the packet :P Or if you only have nesquik chocolate milk powder, use as much as you like of that
- Butter, well erm I used to spoonfuls of this. It must be melted
- Vanilla Extract ( Seriously, who really just has this laying around in their cabinet.)
- A substitute for Vanilla Extract, could be extra sugar :) extra cocoa powder, or MELTED ICING,, or something else i guess
- Flour, this is the thing that turns it into the bread. So 4 spoonfuls of this.
- A dash of salt...or 2
- Water, two spoonfuls
- Any thing else, sweet,  that will go.

Okay mix all these ingredients together, make sure it's really mixed together. And just put this bad boy (or girl, depending on what you prefer ;)  ) in the microwave for about 1 minute, to 1 minute and 30 seconds, depending on how you like it. Also, if you do have icing, or chocolate chips, or candy, or marshmallows, or crushed graham crackers apply it to the top of your brownie. Or mix it in the mix

NOTE: Make sure you have more flour than any of the other ingredients. Like if you have more sugar, and cocoa than flour, you have a problem.

Here's the website i got this from.


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