Friday, June 28, 2013

Moving Day 1 : Hidden Treasure

 Okay, you know moving is like the epic version of cleaning your room, and whenever you clean your room, you find hidden treasures. Oh my gosh! I was sooo looking for that like months ago! So now you can see all the things i found on Day 1 on moving ! ( I'm not really doing much moving seeing that i'm too busy blogging...)

  • Let's Begin

Super Mario Brothers for DS 
    Location: The bottom of my junk drawer

    Mario Kart DS
    Location: The bottom of my sock drawer
    Crayon Ball, I made months ago!
    Location : Bottom of my DIY box

    My Frames I got from a thrift store
    Location: Also in my DIY box

    A half way finished book i wrote 2 years ago
    Location : On top of my closet shelf

    EEEK! *girly shriek* You don't understand how long i've been looking for this!! This was another thing i bought, and just lost!
    Location: The bottom of a clothes pile on my closet floor

    My mom gave me this bear, about 2 years ago. LOST IT
    Location: Bottom of clothes pile with Twilight

    Krispy Kreme doughnut hat
    Loctaion: WIth Twilight and Minnesota bear

    I dont know...
    Location: With Twilight,Minnesota Bear, and Krispy Kreme hat....i swear they had a party without me!

    Okay, so tell me I'm not the only one who finds things whenever they move/clean room.  And if you are like me who finds lil treasure, what are they??? :D



    1. Aww, it's amazing the things you can discover that you've forgotten about!

      1. Yep :D That amazing feeling when you find it :D

    2. I love doing that. When my mom tells me to clean my room I always get distracted by things I find. Lately I haven't found anything too interesting. I love the bear keychain- it's so cute! :)

      1. Haha, thanks! Yea I always get distracted. Cleaning is pretty boring


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