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Back To School ; What to keep in your gym bag!

Hey guys its Ony, and can I say how exhausted I am? I just came back from a camping trip I Iwas planningto blog all about, but sadly I cant blog about the amazing inspirational time I had this week without pictures :(. So I decided to forget about doing a post myself and instead inroduce my friend Alex to my blog. She will be contributing with her "Back to School Series which I'm very excited about! Without Further Ado...

Hi, I'm Alex and to start off my series, I would like to first show you what I would recommend to keep in your gym bag. Of course, you don't have to have all of this stuff, it's just what I recommend. Please note that I didn't get to go back to school shopping yet, so I improvised. But down below, is my actual gym bag for the school year.

1. My Gym Clothes
My gym uniform just has to be my school colors. I wear black shorts and a random school t-shirt. I also like to have spandex shorts for under my shorts. Sometimes we do things where our legs our up and I don't want to be giving anyone a free show (if you know what I mean.) Spandex will keep everything covered!

My sneakers. Sometimes I will be wearing sneakers to school, but sometimes I won't be. I always like to have my sneakers with me as well as an extra pair of socks. Sometimes we go outside and it can be muddy. I hate my socks being all wet throughout the school day, so an extra pair of socks come in handy.

2. Let's smell good!
Deodorant. No and's, if's, or but's. Deodorant is an essentials. I have a stinky armpit problem so I use the clinical strength by Secret. It's amazing!

Body Splash/Perfume is also a nice little thing to have- spray and go. I would not recommend a perfume, I am more of a body splash person after workouts. Secret sells small travel size ones which I like to have in my bag. I highly recommend a fresh scent such as cucumber or something of that nature.

3. Face
I like to keep oil absorbent sheets in my bag for after a sweaty workout. I hate going to class with sweat  and my makeup running down my face.

I also like to have a chapstick just to freshen up. I always keep one in all of my bags just incase.

4. Extras!
Hair supplies- pony tail holders, bobby pins, headbands, etc. I feel like it's important to have your hair out of your face during gym class. It makes for an easier class.

Compact mirror! If you're running late to class just check yourself to make sure you don't have makeup dripping down your face.

5. Makeup Bag
I'll be doing a what to keep in your makeup bag post next! So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading my first back to school post! Xoxo,

Alex :)

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