Sunday, July 7, 2013

Crayon Candles :D

Hello, guys! Yesterday, i finally made a really really midnight blue candle, out of crayons! BUT, i forgot to take pictures along the way, so I'm looking up some online. Now, get your materials ready to do this REALLY REALLY simple D.I.Y projects :D

You Will Need:

- Crayons! ( Of the same color, if you try mixing every color of the rainbow, you get a very ugly brown)
    - I used various shades of blue and purple and grey.

Candle Jar, to hold the wax
    - I used a small glass one, 'simple but effective

- Large Plastic tub/container to hold water
   - I actually did not melt mine, this way but this way is the safest.

- A candle heater
  - This is the way I melted mine, its about 10$ at wal-mart

- Candle Wick, you know the thing that makes having a flame possible.
   - I bought a skinny white candle (dollar tree, or wal-mart) and made it even skinnier.

Step 1 - Either microwave or stove top, boil your water. The whole point of this is to get steaming water to melt the crayon wax. Crayon wax melts very easily, and quickly

Step 2 - While, your water is boiling gather your crayons (Remember, make sure you choose alike colors, or mix some to create something new, but not the whole pack to many different colorss creates brown!) And place3 them in your glass candle jar, thingy

Step 3 - Wearing safety mits, remmove your steaming water and pour it in a cup, or another bowl , this varies on size.

Small Containers - Pour your water into a cup, and place your wax on top. The purpose of this is for your the sides of your cups to be surrounded by water! But not inside with the wax!

Large container - Simply put your container in the pot, (MAKE SURE ITS OFF THE STOVE, AND OUT OF THE MICROWAVE)

Step 4 - Place your wick inside your crayon wax, I would do this step when the bottom is melted!

And violla you have a crayon candle!

If you have a candle heater, at home. Then simply place your jar full of crayon wax on the heater, and wait. Wicks are optional for this method. :D

I really hope, you found this post  helpful. If not as always google this, and you MIGHT find someone who can explain it better than me.



  1. I'm so going to try this! I'm right about to make a homemade face mask! I think, if it works out, I'll post it on my blog! :) Great post Xoxo :)

    1. Thanks! And, yes this is soo easy

  2. Replies
    1. :) Can't take full credit, but Thanks

  3. Oooh! I want to do this! Thank you, you have just made my summer less boring! :)

  4. It's a nice idea but the post would have been so much more amazing if you had used pictures.

    1. Ugh, yea...I couldnt find the right pictures...And I didnt take pictures along the way *sigh*

  5. sad no pics

    1. Ugh! Man, now I'm really upset. I really wanted to post pics, couldn't find anything. It truly is sad :(


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