Saturday, July 6, 2013

Last day of Moving (Squeeal!)

Okay, like my other moving day post, I found some juicy babylicious treasures (yes, yes I did just say babylicious). Okay, and like my make-up post I said how I bought baby lips and lost it in a few hours. (Eeek! (This is an excited eek! Not an I just seen a bug eek!) )
So guess what!? I FOUND IT! I found my lucious babylicious pink babylips. *squeeal!* So at this moment, my parents are staring at me as I jump up and down squealing but how can you not be happy? Huh?

So anywho! Below is a quick list of pics of things I've found. Be happy for me :'D

Have a GRRRReat day!


  1. That dress is SO cute! I LOVEEE it!!! I also love that baby lips. It smells AMAZING! (:

    1. IKR! Its absolutely amazing. And, lol its a shirt, but either way its really cute :)

    2. Oh, sorry! Haha! But agreed, either way it's really cute. I just responded to your comments to let you know how to get the pages thing. :-)


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