Monday, July 8, 2013


 Everyone has emotions. Everyone sometimes gets hits by tidal waves of feelings, well at least I do. I am just so overwhelmed by emotions right now that I just cant hold it in.
 And I end up looking like this, but all the while screaming and grasping my self trying to escape. (I promise i'm not exaggerating)

But what do you call this emotion? Well, most teens
call it feels. When you feel  a rushing tsunami f so many emotions that you just can't handle yourself. But how do you deal with feels? How do you get feels?( Well, feels is a symptom of getting attached to fictional characters, or celebrities. If this is about someone you know, like in real life. Then it's not called feels, it's called 'Get a Shrink') How do you survive feelings like you want to laugh hysterically while you curl up and die. How do you handle?
  Well, aren't you glad you have, Ony?

  1.  Don't curl up in fetal position
              - Let's just say if you take your mental emotions and make it physical. You'll be there for awhile, tasting your saltine tears rolling down your cheeks. And you better believe, someone will start to stare

    2. Don't break things

        - I'm all for letting it out, but I'm not for, breaking things looking like a phycho. Yes, your emotions are out of wack, but that doesn't mean your house should agree

  3. Do write about it

     - Remove yourself from the source of your feels take a deep breath and just blog about it, tweet it, tumblr it, and if your that type of girl. Write a fanfiction.

4. Do eat your feelings.

   - This is ALWAYS the solution (if you know, you're not worried about your weight )
This just makes you happy. So why not be happy?

Okay, that's the end of this post. Hopefully, you know that I suck at giving advice, and your probally shouldn't listen to half of what I just said. I really dont know if there is anyone on blogger who deals with feels. But I'm definite, Tumblr does, since thats where i got all these gif's. Don't you love gif's. Leave a comment of which was your favorite.

  Yes, I know I'm weird


  1. YES. This is probably the truest thing EVER! I get feels for Pretty Little Liars, One Direction, Emblem3, Teen Wolf, Switched At Birth, and basically, ya know, everything. xD Eat away that pain while writing like crazy! Haha, that's seriously what I do. :)

  2. YES! Someone understands! I totally wrote this post after watching last nights Teen Wolf, and Switched at Birth. They were just soooo amazing. And yes, geels comes with, like everything! I'm my opinion, though, 1D feels are the worst. :D

  3. I love eating! It always makes me happy, hahaha! Love it! Great post! xoxo :)

    1. Thanks! And yes, there's nothing better then drowning ur sorrows in icecream, or just food in general


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