Thursday, February 6, 2014


I wrote a poem, but it was wayy too personal for me to actuallly upload it on this perty blog here.
I don't know what I actually want to write about here, hmm. Think. Think. Think? I still don't have it, WAIT! I got it! :)


I should start off by saying everyone has expectations, that if we're being honest now they usually don't come true. For example, tomorrow I planned on going to the movies with my bestfirend, and my close friend to see
Vampire Academy. Since I'm 13 ( will be 14, in May. Zinga! ) an it's a PG-13 movie I was expecting to go to the movies without parental supervison.

No, Mom. I do not want to hold your hand *dramatic grunt sigh*

I was also expecting my bestfriend to not have a fever, and for my close friend's parents to agree. I also expected my mom not to make a big deal about arrangements and what-not.
BUT, if you can't read my bitter mood by now. None, of my expectations are reality. My bestfriend has a fever, my close friend's mom said NO, and my Mother made a big deal about wanting to go inside the theatre with me to see what we'd be seeing, and a bunch of other garb. That we just shouldn't get into. Not now, atleast. When, I want to talk about something else revolving around this topic.


Being the teenage cliche` I am, I have to talk about boys. And my expectations for them, and theirs for girls in general.
I expect boys not to really like me, or want me in any way. Which is realistic, because no one has really looked at me like that recently . . . besides that guy a grade below me that knows nothing of personal space.
I expect boys to want skinny girls with long hair, nice white teeth, beautiful eyes, great personality, and to be . .. a pretty tanned white brunette girl. 
Isn't this gif, amazing?

I don't fit that category.

So, I don't think I'm in the mood to really go in to all my insecurities, believe me I have so many it's re-donk-ulous. Really. I know this because:

Colleen Ballinger the best person, like ever. Is insecure about things I have either
Never noticed
Am unconcerned with.
She's beautiful, amazing how could she be insecure about her
' stomach, nose, chin scar, singing voice, forehead, moles, eye color, long arms, acne scars, wardrobe'
And she is right, she probably was the only person who realised all her insecurities.

Anywho, continuing and wrapping up this rambling blog post. I expect just way too much, or just not enough. I care about people so much, and can be really self-less that it always hurts when my expectations bend over and force me to kiss his boot-tay. 

So, yeah. I expect no one to read this, and if they did to have gotten absolutely nothing from this video. But eh, like Grace Helbig says ' IT'S MY DAMN CHANNEL '
in my case this is my blog . . . so yeppers.

See you soon,
Danda Boon.

Smiley Face,

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