Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1st , everyone.

Unlike what I believe most people are feeling for the new years, excitement in their bones holding their bodies together as they anticipate what the new year will bring. What 2014, will be like.

The media!
Will anyone care about Miley Cyrus? Will people lighten up on the Biebs and welcome the
Canadian BACK in their hearts. Will there be anymore nudes released? ( *cough,cough* Dylan Sprouse)

The Fashion!?
When will skinny jeans fade away? Are Letterman jackets going to be a thing? Leggings? Cat Clothes will become . . . I don't know lizard Clothing?

Music/ Dance Crazed!?
Is One Direction going to rise even higher to fame? Or will the take an
insider's drop? Can we please give Panic at the Disco another run in the spotlight? Are there going to be more Dubstep Harlem shakes? Or more booty dances ( Hello, Twerking.)

Who's Going To Die!?
And the entire crowd groans at Ony finding another way to be pessimistic on something as beautiful as making it to see January 1st of 2014. But I just have to nod my head to Cory Monteith the 29 year old Glee
Star who wasn't able to drown his demons, because they know how to swim. To Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker.
If I'm being 100% honest, and maybe a bit selfish. This post is mainly for my deceased cousin Lucilla Now. A beautiful woman who I prayed to see 2014. She missed 2013, and now she's going to miss 2014. That saddens me, but I mad a pact to myself. That this year won't be clouded over in sadness and despair won't be grief-stiffened stealing away my
happy moments. Because I know for a fact January of 2013, I was very depressed. And I was for majority of  2013' But this year will be better, because I have you guys. I have blogging and my passion for writing. So I will gain 76 more followers y the end of this year. :)

So 2014, How are you? I'm Ony, a 13 year old girl who loves to write. To read books, and I adore the color Orange. It's suffocating warm glow. I live in California, I only speak English. I weigh about 125 pounds and I'm about 5"3. My best friends are Tylore,Monique,Amanda and then there's my other close friends Isabel,Angelina. My amazing blogger friends, Leah, Alex, Phoebs, Aveen and Lemmie. I have a Silly crush on a boy ( ------ ) , but I'm not in a relationship.
I'm certain by the end of this year more than one of the facts about myself that I just listed is going change. And, I need to accept that and be proud of such change. Think of it as a Percy Jackson adventure ( just minus, the danger hopefully. )

I challenge You! Whoever reading this to either comment below who exactly you are as of today, or if you don't feel confident doing such. Write it on a piece of paper and keep it somewhere safe.

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