Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School Make-up; Do's and don'ts

           Hi there, so in the blogging world, back to school has been a hot topic! I go back in september, tell me in the comments when you go back!
For your first day, you want to look good. In the UK we wear a uniform so I will not be doing fashion and this is a BEAUTY segment! Anyways, where was I . So to look your best, GET UP IN GOOD TIME.  Shower and wash your hair the night before and make your hair look shiny and silky, then style it in the morning. Put on body spray in the morning, brush your teeth ( thats quite obvious but you know) , take a mint. Another thing is HAVE A GOOD BREAKFAST.
Onto makeup. On your first day you want a fresh, glowy , natural look. For school, never cake your face in makeup.
DO your normal skincare routine. Cleanse , wash your face , apply spot cream, moisturise, sun cream.
DON'T go crazy on conceler.
DO use BB cream instead of foundation. You only need a light coverage and if you have a bad quality foundation and you have sport on your first day, it will go wrong!
DONT use liquid or gel eyeliner. For school you only need a brown eyeliner pencil.
DO wear mascara/ curl your eyelashes. It makes you look bright eyed :)
DONT go overload on eyeshadow. One shade is enough and personally, I like to apply a tiny amount of vasaline to mylids for a subtle shimmer.
DO wear lipgloss instead of lipstick. I think lipstick is a bit heavy for school but if you have a pretty shade, go for it but its better to wear a popping pink lipgloss than lipstick.

You can pencil in your eyebrows if you must, but just simply combing them gives them shape and takes up less time in the morning,
Blush is good in school ( espesh pink) coz it brightens up your face when you smile. Do it on the apples of your cheeks. Do not bother with contouring or highlighting.

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    1. Thank you, I hope people use them!

  2. This is so helpful! I didn't know what makeup i should buy for the upcoming school year, but now I know what I need. What BB cream would you recommend? I was thinking about the one from Maybelline. Any suggestions? Great post, thanks! xx

    1. Thank you! Yes maybeline dream fresh bb cream is what I use and it is great! They also have dream pure bb cream and I am sure that would be good too :) xx


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