Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You just got ditched, Now what?

   Just like the title, I did get ditched. Mt two bestfriends were supposed to come over to my new house ( i just moved into), and spend two nights. Yay!, we planned this about two weeks ahead of the actual date, and my bestfriend, Mo, was all on board. Yay, shes coming...but then she doesnt talk to me for five days (she lost my number -_- ). Then my other bestfriend is like "Sorry, I just cant go", well then as Regina George says "Boo, You Whore," but Regina ends up loosing her friends in the end, so i shouldnt be taking advice from. her.
   So, why am I so upset one of my bestfriends is supposldly going, I should be happy but then, I have to track down her new number, and call it even though.When she answers she treats me like im this creepy/stranger/staljer, than her bestfriend. Oh yea, and she's canceling, but she has other plans and sge doesn't actually care. Now, lets go back to my other bestfriend who got my hopes up high, a few days ago by telling me shes going to come, after she goes to a party, so she'll only stay one night. Im pretty desperate at this point and say sure, come over. She promises to come over.
 Long story short, I got ditched and now wondering what to do. So I came up with a short list, for all you people wondering what you should do to have fun once youve been ditched. Here we Go.

  • Do your make-up like;
                                          - Mirandasings08 and Rolanda 

  • Rock out to some tunes.
                                           (Make sure its loud enough that everyone hates you.) 

  • Go on Twittter and Fangirl over One Direction

  • Join a Fandom

  • Threaten to leave the Fandom, repeatedly because feels are the real shiz

  • Brush your teeth with Glitter

  • Curse, about how glitter is hard to wash out

  • Wash your dog with glitter

  • Brush your dogs teeth with glitter

  • Clean up the blood, where your dog just bit you ( i know, it hurts )

  • Clean up the entire mess before your parents see

  • Critique Lady Gaga's outfits

  • Throw your coffee at the Starbuxks employees for misspelling your name

  • Go outside

  • Outside is gross, theres people there, go inside. NOW!

  • Google random things

  • Be a yahoo answers troll

  • Make a story about how life would be if you were your parents, parents

  • Make a list

Okay, your day should be completely ruined by then, and it's not at all my fault. #jussayin

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! Well, if it's any help, I'm still here. (Virtually. Hahaha!) Love your list. I was laughing really hard when you said now clean up the blood. Hahaha! :)


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