Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My 10 favorite things..

Okay, so this post is exactly what the title says. My top 10 current favorite things, :) NOT IN ANY ORDER.

  1. Isaac Lahey ; A fictional character, who is apart of Derek's werewolf pack from Teen Wolf. I like Isaac's character, not just because he's attractive (come on, look at that face), because of his background. Isaac, has always felt unwanted, un-loved, and
    whenever someone does make him feel special...they die. It wasn't just that particular background that pulled me in, it was when we learnt that his Father locked him in the freezer, in their basement for punishment. Just horrid!

       2.  Eos ; I have a pretty mint one, and I love it, sooo much!
I got it Saturday, I think? But It's great! Get one, 2$ at your local store! Though, Ive read it doesnt sit well with certain people lips, so its kinda like one of those experimental things.

3. One Direction; hahaa, yep I love One Direction. Their actually an odd ball in my music
collection, but i just love those 5 boys so much! I could write a book about this topic but im
going to stop at this sentence.

4. Tumblr and Twitter, I'm pretty sure I visit these sites everyday. Theyre perfect site where you get to connect with people just like you. Where you make friends, and waste your life away. But hey what else do you jave to do? And the gif' Tumblr makes, I wouldnt be able to cope without!

5. Vaseline ; I jabe this huge tub full of Vaseline, and I love loveit so much I dedicated  a whole post to it! You can check out that post here ------>My Infatuation with Vaseline... My Petroleum Jelly

6. The Grey Wolves Series; I have to be nerdy for a second, bear with me! I was just going to put books in general but decided to share my favorite series with you instead. Im certain majority of you have never read or heard about these books which breaks my booklovingheart! Ths series is just perfect! Check it out? Buy the first book and you wont regret it! Here's a link to the list of books, if you like what you see go purchase it at Barnes and Nobles or on Amazon if you own an adriod phone or Kindle ----->Goodreads Grey Wolves Series

7.  Writing; Obviously! I've been working on a Novel lately and taking all the tips i can get fromGo Teen Writers blog so if anyone is a writer and a teen this blog is perfect for you!  Ive been actually thinking of adding a butron on my menu dedictaed to writing and stuff, undecided right now, though.

8. Orange; I love the color Orange. It's been my favorite color for maybe two years now. Its
just so vibrant andto me it represent my unique personality!

9. Ed Sheeran ; speaking of the color orange! This talented Ginger is an amazing singer! If it was possible to marry someone's voice, you better believe I would've done so by now! I just, his voice, is just. Listen.

10. Blogging; Is complete and utterly me. I love being able to post what I want and be able to make friends with bloggers just like me! So I just have to Thank my 10 followers! I cant wait until I get a bigger audience,but Im grateful never the lesa.

Tagging! I decided what better way than to get back on the blogger train is to hav an actual train! So I'm going to tag five of the most amazing Bloggers to do a 'My 10 favorite ___'  and fill in the blank to whatever your heart desires.  So I'm tagging
AmazingAlez13 from All About Me : Amazing Alex
Payton Winter from Flower Crowns
Shannon Boyce from The Creation Of Beauty is Art
Jenny B from Diary of a Dreamer
and last but not least my new friend
Phoebs from Geek Chic Notes

Once you guys complete the tag, in order to keep the train going tag five more people!



  1. Great favourites! Thanks so much for tagging me! I love One Direction so much. I can't wait to see the 3D movie :)

  2. ThankYou,
    Yes! Their movie This Is Us will be amazing! And Your Welcome. Cant wait to see your post

  3. Thank you for tagging me! :) xxx

    1. Your welcome! Cant wait to see your post!

  4. Hey ONY! Thanks for tagging me, I'll have the post up by the end of the week! Xoxo :)

    1. Welcome! :) Can't wait to see the post!


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