Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Tv Reviews 2/2

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Hey! Okay here i will show you my other favorite shows :D

Once Upon A Time - This show is absolutely a Family show! My entire family watches it from a 3 year old to a 30 year old! This show is amazing, it's about all the fairy tell creatures, get locked into a dimension with no magic because the evil queen was searching for Snow White to kill her. Anywho, in this show it takes the fairy tales and get their own twist on it, making you think wow, i didnt read that as a kid. It's amazing, and magical. My favorite characters have to be Princess Belle and Rumpelstiltskin. LOVE THIS

 The Lying Game - This show is great (the books are better)! Its about 2 twins, a rich, mean , snobby one, Sutton Mercer, and then Emma who was never adopted. She got passed around Foster Homes, and hated life and her pervert brother. Emma and Sutton meet in secret and, Emma becomes Sutton, while she goes hunting for her biological Mother. Someone to tell her where she came from. Sutton's friends and Family, notice the change in Sutton and start to love Emma better. Which obviously pisses her off. Sutton and Emma, become enemies, hating eachother, as webs of lies start to tangle around them.

Degrassi - Man Degrassi is a large show that never ends! It just gets a new cast once everyone graduates... Anywho, the people above in the picture is the Degrassi I know. This highschool, i'd like to say is really sterotypical. Every episode has something to do with drugs, and sex. Though this show has some very bad angles and isnt really well inspirational, at all. It made me love each and every character for their imperfections. For example Eli Munro, is diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. He got this mental disorder when his girlfriend dies. He's an emotional wreck, that loves too much and is a very passionate young man. Who's produced plays,wrote stories that make you want to shiver out of your body. *shiver* He gets in a relationship with Claire, but gets too possessive, and when she says they need distance he, well he drives his car into a brick wall. He survives..but well yea. And that's only one character. Each have outrageous backgrounds. I have been giving this show a break though, as it got depressing when one of my fav characters committed suicide....

Teen Wolf - This show has everything i look for, romance,fantasy and a hot and hilarious wing-man. Scott becomes a werewolf when he gets bit by one in the woods. Now he has to deal with other werewolves,handle his girlfriend the werewolf assassin. Yea, ikr! That relationship wont work, they have to deal with other species that come in and jeopardizes the safety of man-kind all the while, Stiles making commentary that cracks me up :D I love this show

Secret Life of the American Teenager - This show is AMAZING! This was my favorite show for so long, it made me cry, smile, and laugh hysterically. 16 year old Amy has sex with the popular guy, the player, at school and well winds up pregnant. Ricky, isn't aware of Amy's pregnancy until she starts to show, Amy starts dating this amazing guy Ben, who stands by her throughout her pregnancy. Watching this show makes me feel sorry for Amy, for being the pregnant girl and instantly be put in the slut category when Ricky was the only guys she's ever done ANYTHING with. Before her pregnancy Any was a complete nerd, on the band team, knew too much math, but of course she winds up pregnant. This show is just great every single character i loved, even the mean snobby ones as i looked deep down and realized its just a hard shell holding in their gooey insides! Must Watch....but to be completely honest skip the last season it sucks soo much i wanted to cry in pain.

Ugly Betty - This girl never gave up! This girl who knows nothing about fashion is able to land a job as an assistant to Daniel Meade the editor and chief of Mode Magazine! This show was one of my favorites and loved/hated the ending/ Betty turns from this ugly mess to a beautiful editor and chief herself. Thsi show is full of drama,scandal,romance, and sorrow. Daniel Meade is a player who's life is a wreck until he meets Betty, the only female capable of putting his life on track :D One of my favorites!!!

And thats about it!! Does anyone have any recommendations, of your favorite shows that i should check out? If anyone wants to watch any of these shows from the beginning heres the site!

-Ony <3


  1. Great post! I love a lot of these shows, especially Degrassi!

  2. Yes, Degrassi is amazeballs! Thanks

  3. I love the Secret Life of The American Teenager! It's addicting! :P :)


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