Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Tv Reviews 1/2

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 I've been watching quite a lot of tv lately. And i thought what would be a better night time post than, my favorite shows? Not in any order!.

Nikita- This show absolutely surprised me! My brother, made me sit down and watch this show with him, ignoring my complaints. The first scene,was enough for me to shut my trap,open my eyes and fall inlove. This show is about criminals that were all on Death Row, for the murders they've each committed, but instead of dying (which is what the whole world thinks they did) they get pulled into a government funded black ops division. Here they are trained to assassin international drug dealers, smugglers, presidents,and downright horrible people. Nikita and a group of misfits regretting their past,and hating Division, plan to burn it down. However, it's not that simple as they get into plenty life and death situations.

Switched at Birth - Bay Kennish raised as a dark-haired rich kid,has always been out of place in her preppy private school,and especially in her strawberry blonde family. Bay finds out through her highschool's blood'typing assignment that she does not have the same blood type as the rest of her family  leading her to believe she was adopted  Her parents say she was not. Bay doesn't let her argument go, and drags her parents to get a DNA test, to prove she belongs to her family. Bay not expecting much from the DNA test, isn't surprised  but not happy with the results saying she was placed in the wrong family. Daphne Vasquez is shocked to find out that she belong with the Kennish's, being raised in the Latino parts of...well the hood. The family joins as one, learning how to be a family, and try not to kill each other in the process. This show is just perfect, It inspired me to learn sign language ( which i'm not too shabby at)

 Glee Gosh, I am such a GLEEK! Okay so this amazing,beautiful,perfect show starts off with a determined Rachel Berry who  knows  shes going to grow up and be a star. Rachel seeing the sign up sheet for Glee Club, makes sure she's the first to join, along with Mercedes Jones, Artie Abrams, Tina Cohen-Chang, and Kurt Hummel. The director of Glee Club manages to get the 3 of the cheerleaders to join, Santana,Britney,and Quinn, and 3 football team member Finn,Puck, and Mike. This show isnt your average musical, singing!danciing!sunshine and unicorns! This show has a plot like any other, that consists of love triangles, or pentagons :/, pregnancies, homosexuals, romance and anything else a teenage show has. The only different is that this how takes the most popular songs and do their own twists to it, majority of the time dong better than the original artists. This show will make you fall inlove with every single character!

Pretty Little Liars This show has been my favorite when i started it in 2011,  This show consists on 4 best friends, that have been through hell and back, and know,seen and done things that now must be a secret : Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings , Aria Montgomery , Emily Fields. The show gets started when they're best friend Alison Dilaurentis, the leader of the gal clan goes missing. If that's not bad enough the girls get threatened and bullied every day via text,email, and even letter addressed to their house. The bully is known as 'A' she is responsible for everything that has gone wrong in the girls lives, she's murdered,injured, and put people in a mental institute.

 Awkward - I love this show sooo much! It's absolutely one of my favorites! This show is about 15 year old socially awkward Jenna Hamilton. Jenna as i said, is an outcast that keeps to herself but that all changed when she had sex with one of the hottest most popular guys at school Matty Mckibin. It's not exactly that, moment that changes her title, due to the fact Matty kept there relationship a secret. But it's when Jenna has a migraine one night, opens her pill bottle it spills allover her bathroom floor, she falls and breaks her arm. OUCH! Now she's the girl who tried to kill herself. The show itself is amazing, with its comedic angle, and the variety of awkward situations, that she posts in he private blog every night  That 
somehow went viral :/

Any of these your favorites? Comment down below, i'll be posting the other half f this list sometime tomorrow!



  1. I've never seen the show Awkward before, but it sounds so good. It sounds like the TV show that I've been looking for. My sister and I watch Switched at Birth though now. (She watches it more than I do, but I still think it's amazing!) I love those drama/comedy shows. Haha! :)

    1. Yea, i'm inlove with Awkward, I even have these ridiculous dreams about the characters :D Give it a chance! Since it's on this long break right now. go on this website http://www.tvmuse.eu/ i use it to catch up on my fav shows :D

  2. Definitely gonna start watching Nikita from now on..
    Have you watched Scandal - that's what I'm totally in love with right now!

    1. Scandal, lol my mom watches that show. I've been wanting to watch it but it's soo awkward since my mom watches it and all. Yea it sucks that Nikita is basically over, but you can watch it on Netflix and this website called http://www.tvmuse.eu/ That's where i catch up on all mt tv watching


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