Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Week's Highlights

The Good :
New Clothes! It's always amazing when you go home with bags of clothes, especially if the bag consists of a black frilly dress, and a black and grey striped hoodie! Who doesn't love hoodies?
Moving! I hate my house it's small and ugly, yea i know it just has character. It's still pretty ugly.
Blogging! I just started blogging last Wednesday, and so far I can say it's looking pretty good for me! Yay!

The Sad :
My little sister lost the gift I gave her, which was my old Mp3 player that had childhood memories which i deleted for her! :/
Friends, I currently dont have any plans made...
Nikita! It's on break, and my favorite character died...
Awkward. Is on break tooo

The Funny: Youtubers.

YoMucleBoi :
Simply Spoons:

and the list goes on...

These 3 songs have been stuck in my head! Listen to then :

I got this lovely idea, from Jen Blackman. Check out her post!


  1. I'm glad there are good things to balance out the not so good ones :)

  2. Yep,that's always important :D

  3. I love the song Miss. Movin' On! I never heard it before. :) Glad you had a pretty good week for the most part. :)

    1. Yep,Yep,thanks! And yes Miss Movin' On is just addictive and beautful :D

  4. Totally awesome how you took this post and made it your own, Ony! (:
    Love it

    1. Thanks! If i totally copied you, i would've felt guilty... :D


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