Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello July, Goodbye June.

Last month's quote:
"Always remember others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. Then you destroy yourself"
- Richard M. Nixon

June went by wayyy too fast, *groan*. The highlight of my month was sitting around on the internet, and stuffing my face with junk! So I decided that to give June a proper Goodbye, and July a hello highfive. Is a list of all the great things I've learnt this last month.

- Washing your face with uncooked oatmeal is way better than anything else, and cheaper.

-Avril Lavigne looks the same age when she started her career and she's now 28!

- You should brush your lips with petroleum jelly.

- Silk Pillows are good for your hair

- Covering your toothbrush in lemon juice before adding your toothpaste is great for bleaching

- I'm actually 5 ft 2 not 4 ft12 gosh...I'm short.

- Petroleum Jelly is good for about everything.

- Writers Block is a pain in the butt!

- Blogging is the best.

- Justin Bieber can rap.

- I'm a D.I.Y fanatic

- Cakies, are adorable, and DELICIOUS

- I get obsessive

- Monsters University is the cutest/inspiring movie ever.

- People are quite scary .

- I should be an Elf (don't ask )

- The mind is the superior.

- I'm a moody teen.

- Some people don't like ant spray fumes radiating throughout the house at night.

- I find Marriage Equality, Same-Sex marriage confusing on my brain.

- America has a Gay Holiday.

- It takes 1 decision for your life to change course.

-Many people suffer with depression on a daily basis.

Okay, this was only a few :D I would've added pictures, but I'm on my

This months quote.

"We're all tea bags that dont know what we're made out of, until we reach hot water."



I'd love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to let it all out in the comment section. Do remember that there's a difference with being rude and being honest :)