Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My infatuation with Vaseline... Mr.Petroleum Jelly.

Big tub of Vaseline
(I do not own this picture)
 I'm sure all of you are aware of Mr.PJ, not PBJ, just PJ. Vaseline, has always been with me, since i have a huge tub of it ;) Okay, so i'm not just going to lay here and talk about how amazing Vaseline is...well actually I am.. :D I'm going to let all you girls know that Vaseline should be apart of your beauty routine,bag, whatever. Just, you need Mr. PJ, and this is why, and how you can use him :)


Want thicker and prettier eyebrows than you have? Vaseline, is known to speed up the hair growth process. And leave your eyebrows slick and shiny! ;D So, during your morning routine, if you have one. Leave Vaseline on your eyebrows + It;s Summer ( Thanks Captain Obvious) so you don't have to worry about how you'll you look for school. :D So just leave it on in the mornings you'll see results!


Majority, or you may already know this. Mr. PJ is great for growing out eyelashes! Why ruin your pretty, young face with those obscene fake eyelashes ( eww!) When you can be authentic, and have your own pretty long eyelashes? I'm the type of girl who was born with short eyelashes, that I can't curl with a curler. It's painful.... But! Vaseline fixed this. Apply a coat in the morning and before bed. And Viola, results are just begging to be seen. Strut those lashes :D

 The obvi, you ran out of chapstick, lip balm or just sick of that glossy crap you leave on all day ( Not that it's could be the healthy organinc kind...) Mr.PJ is a relief, apply straight from the container. Or make your own lip balm. I've done this plenty of times. And fell inlove with it, and trusted it wholeheartedly knowing I MADE IT!!! If anyone is interested in a DIY post for this, comment below :D.


Okay, Vaseline, is sticky i'm very aware of it. And yes i know they've invented lotion but, does lotion leave the soft smooth side affect that last days, from just one coat? Hmm, i think not. Okay, so your done showering and you want to up your skin's A-Game, Get a glob of Vaseline and put it everywhere. I'm not going to lie though. Going to bed like this can be a pain, in the behooozal. But Morning your skin will look
 Shaving! Girls, and guys take my advice! Shaving with Vaseline instead of shaving cream, has better results. No more irritating itchy painful dryness shaving causes. Instead get a close shave with a thin layer of Vaseline.

Now, do you see why i love Mr.PJ? Maybe i should dress him up, bedazzle a lil ? Hmm
Now, thar's beautiful :D
(I do not own this pictrure)

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