Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A ________ That's exactly what you are

I feel a little unsure about posting this poem directly from my diary, but your best work is the one close to your heart,right?

He hurts me constantly
Does he even know?
My friends thinks its normal
But I'm not really sure

He says somethings cruel
Things ladies should never say
But he's not a lady so I guess
Its ok....

My heart screams constantly
But my mouth stays shut
My heart is aching for a _______ I could trust

Yes, I know im quiet
But can't you see me tears?
Oh,wait your not looking
To comfort mmy fears

Your just my ______
That's exactly what you are.

That's why I hate myself for thinking you are more.


  1. I like it! keep writing. If your scared to be to personal use metaphors instead. your a very good writer

  2. Thankyou! That means a bunch! So are you, I love your poetry

  3. wow good poem, don't be afraid to share. I hope you've moved on from this jerk who is hurting you!

  4. Thanks! I've checked out your blog. I'm pretty sure I'm following you.


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