Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lemon and Sugar..... My New Bestfriend 2/2

What to do with left over Lemon and Sugar Scrub?

 HellO,guYS! Ony, here! My last entry was all about the fantastic beautiful lemon and sugar face scrub. Well, i discovered while applying it to my face that it tasted heavenly! And.... I was hungry. So i kept eating it :). But using my will power i forced myself to stop.
  This morning, however, i awoke craving pancakes! But i used the last of my syrup yesterday...So what to do? I've always been keen to squeezing lemon on my pancakes, ( It tastes amazeballs!) So, i thought hmm, how bout i just turn my delicious face scrub into....SYRUP! You'll need:
 The ingredients from the face scrub, ( In my scrub i didn't use honey, but i bet it'll still taste amazing!) + water, and butter!
 Find a small pot and place it on the stove. Find your face scrub and scrape it inside the pot. Add water just enough so the sugar dissolves. (Less water, thicker the syrup) Make sure the temperature on the stove is med-high. Stir the scrub and the water together. It should dissolve quickly, and get hot. So be careful! taste the mixture, if you like how it taste, mix in butter and serve. If not...Add more sugar! ENJOY!
 This mixture may come out runny, so what it's still delicious. If you added to much olive oil in your mixture it might taste gross. Pour into a cup, and apply to pancakes. Or make lemonade by simply adding more water and ice cubes!


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