Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lemon and Sugar.... My New Bestfriend 1/2

    D.I.Y TIME! If you don't know,  D.I.Y stands for, Do It Yourself. Something i'm absolutely inlove with. I've done plenty of D.I.Y Projects, but i'm only going to share my most recent ones.
    Okay, so i have dry,bland oily skin. No one wants that at alll! So me being a d.i.y gurl, i google until i find something i can try a.s.a.p. Lemon and Sugar Scrub!  Since i am not responsible for this discovery i will leave a link to the web i got this from. Okay, this is what you'll need

  1. A fresh lemon, or organic plain lemon juice only! - ESSENTIAL
  2. Sugar! Or salt ( but salt is harsh to the face...) - ESSENTIAL
  3. Oil! I use Olive Oil ,  - OPTIONAL
  4. Honey! - OPTIONAL
  Okay, find a jar/container of some sorts. Make sure it's absolutely clean. I used an empty cream cheese icing container (yum!) Once, you have your container, fill it about 1/3 full of sugar. ( How much sugar varies on how often you will use this scrub). The Sugar is necessary because it's the base of the scrub to exfoliate your skin.
   After you sugar is inside the container, squeeze or pour your lemon juice, until every inch of your sugar is a pretty yellow, and then some. The lemon is necessary to bleach your acne scars. It's healthy and will leave a brilliant glow! Mix the sugar and lemon juice, it should be a thick paste. It shouldn't be runny.
   Olive Oil! Add a few drops, only a few! Alot is unnecessary and not recommended. The olive oil, works as an organic moisturizer that leaves the skin a healthy shine.
  Last, but not least, honey! When, i made my scrub i did not use honey, due to the fact there was none in my cabinet. But the usage of honey,can be important if you're looking for beautiful hydrating skin, it also prevents future breakouts!
    All you need to do now, is mix it all together and apply on your face. Gently, you don't want puffy blistering red skin! So apply gently and leave on for about 10 minutes! Here's the link if you found my D.I.Y tutorial in any way confusing

 Removing the Lemon and Sugar Scrub from face
  In a microwave safe bowl heat up water and olive oilf for about 30 seconds, until comfortable warm, make sure it's steaming , though. Mix the oil with the water, Oil and water doesn't necessarily mix, so just spread out the oil. With a clean face towel did it in the oil and water and apply to face while removing the scrub :D

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