Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sp(a)oil Yourself! Part Two

  "Hello, Onyees! As the title says this is Part 2 of my Sp(a)oil Yourself post, so I'm simple continuing from where i left off. To read Part One click here
Step 2 - While waiting for your bath water to fill up 3/4ths of the way, so when you dip in the water doesn't overflow, put on some tunes! I love listening to Lana Del Rey! But if you're like me, that's boring! So I watch some netflix or youtube, I just watch something, or
read Twilight for the billionth time. Now that you have your music and bathwater, make sure your hair is tied up and move everything you'll need towards your bath area; Honey,Sugar,Nail Polish, and the Oatmeal!

Why? Im glad you asked! *wink*
 Watching Music,reading a book, or watching your favorite videos, gives your brain something to focus on. Curl into, relax :) Something to enjoy, in peace!
Bringing your nail polish, honey sugar exfoliate, and oatmeal is so you can work on your beautiful masterpiece (That's you, by the way...)

Step 3 -  Hopefully you've showered earlier in the week, day whatever, but this isnt really a scrub-a-dub-dub time, unless you want to. It's just this one episode i watched of ICarly, when i was younger (like, last month. Lol, Im joking i dont really remember when some time last year or the year before that?) , when Sam says she doesnt want to lay in her filfth. So I've just been sensitive about that.. 
Anywho! Get in! Relax for a few minutes, one song worth and you can either start painting your nails, or lay back listen to tunes, watch vids whatever! Just remember do not start on your lovely oatmeal facial wash until when your just about to pull the cork out of the tub!

Here's a few pics of how you'd do the facial. I did the pictures when i was out of the tub, due to not wanting any nudity showing ;) For the your lip exfoliator, simply mix in the honey (or vaseline) with some sugar! I added olive oil in mine, however.

As the pictures state, get a handfull of oatmeal and apply it to your face in circler motions!

Why? Well, you dont start on your facial until you're on your way out because the oatmeal will harden on your face making the experience very uncomfortable - i learnt that first hand. Oatmeal is great and i persobally wash my face with it every other day it's natural soothing just amazing!
How my lip exfoliate turnt out!
Honey,Olive oil is great for your face giving it that sweet love and affection. It is also organic! (Duh!) The sugar is the base for the exfoliate something safe to rid dead skin, and get nice smooth lips! Make sure tour just rub your fingers over your lips lightly!

That's about it! I hope you liked it! This is one of the few posts on my blog which I'm really proud of, so comment below that would mean a bunch! And i hope you all follow Phoebs!

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