Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm Changing? Or am i simply becoming the person I'm supposed to be?

  My whole goal for this month was to be a better blogger,better person,better everything. Maybe that was my problem right there, wanting to be something other than who i am? I'm not a horrible person, I'm pretty pleased with myself actually. But...I've changed. 
A good two years ago, I was a loud,outspoken,rude,arrogant girl. Everyone knew my name - regardless if they liked me or not - they knew who i was. They knew what i like, who i liked and what and whom i hated. I was pretty transparent. And I'm not saying i want loud Ony back, I'm just wondering 'what the hell'! I'm now a quiet, nerdy girl who writes down all their thoughts, and you literally need to be this close *squashes fingers together leaving out no space* to hear me.
Maybe I'm writing this post now, because I'm moody as heck, due to the blood leaving my vagina. (If there's any males who read my blog...sorry.) Or the fact that i sat through thirty minutes of stupid boys teasing me? Who cares..but i want to adress something, or maybe I'm just writing this to help sort through my thoughts? See I'm really disorientated in the brain right now! Just Stand up for yourself. Love yourself. And don't be a pushover, And do not be a bully.

Smiley Face,

- My main point of this post was to ask you guys something, that I've been procrastinating to do since i started this blog. Saying when i get a bigger audience, well that'll come, but i want to do it now! Not just for my sanity, but maybe yours. We are on the interet for a reason. Pleasure? Or a safety net, or just something different entirely? But I'm adding a new tab to this blog labeled 'Support Group' I'll most likely be posting just there about bullying,depression, and a bunch of other unpleasant stuff. I encourage you to join me, leave nice posts in the comments. We can't be a support group, unless we support.....

My next post will be something lighter, and joyful! I really want to do an ask ony, though! So if you guys have any questions for me leave it in my chatbox, (on the side of my blog), or email me, if you have a personal question.


  1. I know, I'm right there with ya girl- that time of month stinks. (Currently happening to me too right now.) I hope you're happy with your change. I think you should just be yourself, whom ever you're comfortable with. Both ideas sound wonderful- ask Ony as well as the support group. I'll be sure to send some questions to help you get started. Great post! :)

    1. Thanks, Alex! I'll be waiting for your questions, and i should deffo , be making the tab..soon :) I'm excited about ask ony, if i dont get enough questions I'll have to steall some online. :)

  2. really great post, you seem very savvy about who you are and what you want :) just keep doing your thing. Your ideas for a support group are really great! And thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog <3

    1. Thank You, Holly. For stopping by :)


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