Friday, August 30, 2013

This Is Us!

Warning! May  Will Include Excessive fangirling!

 Hopefuly you lovely people read the warning, and the title of this post and already know what i'm going to fangirl about! If you do not, then we simply have not reached that part in our relationship! I love One Direction! And tonight me and my Directioner friend sought out to see this move, being the loudest people in the cinema (who gone stahp me,huh?)
So, let me start off esplaining my night! First off, we bought the tickets for "This Is Us" a good two to three hours before the movie, and the guyy said, "Don't loose your tickets!" and I'm thinking - the hell, i will not be loosing these tickets - and jokingly i tell my friend "If you loose your ticket I'm going to watching it without you, seriously" We laugh it off, and if you didnt catch on by yet..i lost my ticket! Just ugh! I was rushing out the house, and literally burst in tears when i realised my tickets wasn't in my wallet! DARN!
The movie is starting in ten minutes and I have to wait in line behind a bunch of people purchasing tickets, even though when i get up there the guy smiles at me and says i already bought them no biggy! Yay! So we rush inside to buy the popcorn , some candy and a cherry slushy.
We were supposed to get this kind of popcorn holder, but nope
there wern't any!
Plus the 16th free sample of their 'Our Moment' Perfume (When we bought the tickets we went to the bathroom and noticed a bucket FULL of samples, so ofcourse us being phycho directioners - wait no not phyco, the nuerologist in the movie said it's just excitement!) We run inside, to find seats, which their wern't many options but we settled! After staring at a blank screen for five minutes and me running back and forth to get straws....and dropping about 3/4's of all my white cheddar popcorn (Thanks, but really no refills!?) The movie finally begins! The opening scene is of them talking about..i can't really remeber due to the fact my friend and I were jumping up and down screaming in our seats! The movie was
absolutely amazing, it was amazing to get a closer look into he boys life! And dang the concert scenes had us yelping! ( My friend and I were the only ones singing! Apparently, everyone else was to cool for that since they kept glaring at us, and leaving their seats as if to call the manager - thank God they didnt! ) The movie was so weel-put together, it was perfect beautiful! And did you know Zayn,Liam,Louis and Niall were considering kicking Zayn out of the band :P So i dont want to completely spoil the movie if y'all were planning to see it, so how about i finish this post off with me fangirling over photos? Yes...No? Too Bad :)

Oh My Gosh, when they pants Harry, I might as well died! Look at them their adorbs! I'm INlove!

These idots trying to be cool with their dark shades! I love you!!

"We put the piss in dancing." -Zayn Malik

Yes, boys you totally know how to build a tent ! :)

The concert parts were my favorite!!

I'm going to stop right here, right now! I love you Onyees, I love Ond Direction, and thanks for stopping by! IF you like ost like these, vlog/fangirlish comment below! If you saw the movie, what was your favorite part! And if you love 1D, tell me, if you dont....Hater back off!


  1. I love this post. I'm a 1/2 directioner if that makes sense. Hahaha. The movie sounds amazing! I'll have to check it out when it comes out on DVD or something. Glad you had a blast! :)


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