Thursday, August 29, 2013

Phoebs Beauty Segment : essentials for starting out with makeup!

Hello Beauties!
As you can tell from the title and how I introduced the post, it is Phoebs here with another beauty post! I think I forgot to pot last week ( oops ) so sorry about that. 

Today I am gonna be helping you out if you are a little bit  clueless  with makeup or you want to use it but do not know how. This week I am gonna give you some products ( all drugstore) that you should buy for starting out your makeup kit. Then next week I am gonna tell you how to use them! 
BB cream . If your skin is pretty much flawless you will not need a foundation or a BB cream. But if you  feel you want a bit of coverage, get a BB cream. My fave is the Maybelline Dream fresh BB cream. 
Concealer. I think you should DEFFO get one of these. They are great for under eyes and on the odd spot. I bought the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer today and I tried it and it covered my spot really well! And it stays put. 

Eyes and Brows: 
So with eye products you could really splash out but I am keeping it basic. 
For your brows just get an eyebrow brush/comb. Mine is from boots. 
For eyes, get an eyelash curler and a mascara. You could use a clear one, a brown one or a black one.  I would recommend the rimmel scandal eyes mascara for volume but if you want more of an individual lash look , I recommend the 17 one. Or the miss sporty clear mascara. 
If you just used an eyelash curler on its own, that could be all you need! 
Now for eyeshadows, I like my sleek pallete , but I know that is not avaliable worldwide so I would recommend you get a neutral eyeshadow duo or trio ( so something small) then a quad of bright colours.
Blue eyes : pink eyeshadow
Green Eyes : purple eyeshadow
Hazel eyes : green eyeshadow
Brown eyes : purple or green eyeshadow
Sleek pallete

Obviously more eyeshadow colours go with your eye colour than just one, just experiment. Thats why an eyeshadow quad with different brights is good. 

I do not think blush/bronzer is nessecary when  starting out with makeup. For a quick, easy colour to your cheeks, pinch them a few times. 

A lipstick is not really essential. I would pick up a lip crayon and a lipgloss. I hear great things about the  17 lip crayon ( I have a N.o7 one which is great but not drugstore). Also for a lipgloss soooo pigmented it looks like a lipstick try the rimmel Apocolips . Just wow. Also for a great tinted lipbalm , try Maybelline Baby Lips. Any of these products would be great! 

So there are my top products for starting out with makeup, come back next week for how to use them!
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