Friday, August 2, 2013

Documenting my school year. ( D.I.Y Project)

       Hello, guys! I am so excited excited to share this Back to School D.I.Y project with you, it's extremely easy, recyclable and cute, and it takes under an hour to complete! Im going to be completly honest and say when i pulled out all my crafty tools I had no idea what the heck I was going to make,and I didnt really know what it is until now. Okay, As we all know Summer is coming to an end "BOOO!" but I have a fun way to make this upcoming school year fun "Yayyy!" How am I going to acomplish that? Well with this super easy project you havea cute vintage way of documenting the upcoming year! No more talking, Let's Begin!

You Will Need:

  • A bottle! I used the Arizona Iced Tea bottle (NOT CAN, NOT GALLON) for its vintage look. 

            - I do know that not every one owns this particular bottle so heres a list of substitutions
                       ° Gosh, forgot the name! But y'know thoses tall water bottles, that have that unique top, those are great!
                        ° Gallons, but not those huge wide vast ones!
                           ° Any cute water bottle, you think will work, your the artist! :)

  • Cupcake liners! I used the paper inside the foil liners their cute and glittery! And go great with the vintage look!

            - Pretty paper, or Reeses peanut butter cup liners can work! And if you dont have those regular paper, or magazine paper can do. Even some sort of cloth!

  • Soda tabs!

         - Okay, if you have no soda tabs, use pretty rocks,marbles,pebbles,rice the whole point is some vintage chic vintage vintage center piece.

  •      A knife!

                   - You need a knife, scissors won't do, unless your using a skinny flimsy bottle, which I frown upon for this project!

  • Glitter Glue!

        -This is not a neccesity but I think it adds to the flare of the project. You can use markers or regular glue and sprinkle rice or something of those sorts.

  • Paper!
  • Elmers Glue!
  • A paint brush, if you own one
  • A quote or picture of something, or someone you like.

Step 1 - Have all your materials in an arms length infront of you,organized and not cluttered. Using you cupcake liners (or a different substitution) and slowly, and neatly stuff
it in the opening opening of your bottle. (Shown in the picture above.)

Step 2 - Fill the cupcake liner with soda tabs, or pretty rocks,marbles,pebbles, rice, whatever suits you.

Step 3 - Cover the soda tabs (or other substution) with glitter glue!

Step 4 - Using a knife, find the center of your bottle close to the top and create a crescent. Do this slowly and neatly, do your best not to cut yourself. Make sure its wide enough and is able to open and close,

"Today we decide how tomorrow
will look" 

Step 5 - Find some paper, that's the size of the front label of your bottle (magazine paper,decorative paper, or simply plain paper will work) you can either print your favorite quoye of inspiration on the bottle. Or do what I did and find another paper to glue on top of the other. I also found that a favorite picture can suffice. To glue this down to your bottle use modge podge (Water downed glue)

Step 6 - Glue the paper down over your label so it is hidden. Do this with your quote and/or picture.

Step 7 - Decorate the paper with markers, or whatever your choice to spicin up the plain paper (if plain)

Step 8 - Your cupcake liner shouldve had time to mold into the shape of the cap so pull it out and using regular liquid glue place a thin line all around and place it back in the opening

I found that it only takes overnight for the entire thing to dry! So by the time school starts you can begin filling
This is how the final product should look like! Well, this is how
my final productlooks like. If yours does not look the same thats alright.
Everyone's looks different  
your bottle with little notes of the best part of your day, notes between your friends, and coins you can use for next year! I love this odea, I think every gal should make one, ITS SO EASY!

 So if you decide to make this and it came out differently then mine in some way, post it inthe comments below! Also, if my picture s and steps didnt make sense and you really want to make this project either email me ( or comment your questions down below :)

~ Ony

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