Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bold Eyelashes Effect

Hi there , its Phoebs again, from Geek Chic Notes. Hope you enjoyed the last post. Today I have a quick how-to on creating the illusion that your eyelashes are super long! 
1. Use an eyelash curler, ( Ony says if you dont have an eyelash curler than; 1) Run warm water on a spoon and place it on your eyelashes up, so it curls. 2) Rub two fingers together until warm and place them on your eyelashes. The whole point is heat to curl your lashes. )
2. Find a good mascara ( benefit 'they're real' mascara for an upmarket option or the Rimmel range for a cheaper option)

3. Put black eyeliner on the upper lashline of the outer corner of your eye( the outside of your eye by your top lashes) it adds more volume.
4. Here is the key part. Always put the lightest shade of eyeshadow in the middle of your eye. The contrast would be so big it would make your eyelashes look longer. For example , if you wanted a green eyeshadow combo put a light shade in the middle, a medium shade nearer the nose and the darkest shade near wear you should put the eyeliner. Then a blend of all three colours in the crease ( just underneath where the thin, eyelid skin becomes thicker and harder)
This is how the eyes  should look :)
This is so simple to recreate and really effective.
Two More Quick Tips
Never do eyeliner all the way around your eye. It makes your eyes look smaller compared to your face.
Before you put any eyeshadows on, pop some white eyeshadow in the inner corners. It makes you look wide awake! Then add your other shades on top.
Again, hope you enjoyed the post!


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    1. I've heard so many great things about those mascaras. I'll have to check some of them out for back-to-school!

    2. Thank you, and both of them are fantastic, but obviously the rimmel ones tend to be more clumpy but that comes with them being cheaper! Another great brand is Maybelline. I was thinking of doing a back to school makeup and hair tutorial on my blog sometime in august so look out for that! X


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